On Long Distance Relationship

I've been always in doubt on Long Distance Relationships. Never believed it works and never believed it would last. Thus, I never had a long LDR.

Then again, people change. I for one, is starting to believe that once you put yourself in a situation and is determined to make it work, it will.

However, here are things that will make an LDR a disaster for me. Why I find it pathetic in the first place, why I think it will never work.


Relationships always have with it the need to be intimate. The feeling of caress and comfort in each other's arms, which is, absent in a LDR.
I am a person of cuddles, hugs and kisses. I love it when I feel human warmth from the person I am in love with. So, if you are apart, how in the world will you able to feel that satisfaction?

Technology then played a very significant role into sufficing the needs of lovers apart. In the virtual world, they connect and communicate. Some even show intimacy via waves or signals. Will that be enough?


Such a big word. Such a heavy role to take. Trusting your partner. For me, trust comes when you have proven to each other that no matter what happens, nothing can break you apart. Until there's distance. When one is not there to give you the companionship needed, others play the part. Temptation is just around the corner where it is VERY VERY difficult to resist.

So, you may say, you fully trust your man/woman. But, I now, doubt will always creep into our minds. Right?


I've always believed that the key to a lasting relationship is being open to each other and that consistent communication. In LDRs this would come as the most important aspect. You can't be there for each other, all you can do is at least communicate right?

Thank You then to facebook, skype, ym and other means of cheap communication that faced out snail mailing and having to wait in agony for a response via letters. (I still want to try this though. It is in the penmanship where emotions can really be expressed.) But still, all hail technology.

But, nothing beats the actual presence of the person. When all you need aren't words but the comfort of non-verbal expressions. That simple touch that sends out chills of love and care.

Enough said... Long Distance relationships has its limitations and it requires a whole lot of determination to make it work.

That being put, I never really trust myself into making it work for me. But still, I am in such inevitable situation in which I need to learn how to adapt. I need to compensate the lacking of intimacy, trust and communication in order to keep the person I love.

I'm scared. I've put myself in such a vulnerable place where I can be hurt easily. However, I see it as a challenge for me. I see it as a learning process also. To learn how to deal with pain, and how to trust others.

But, one can always be careful right? So, I just did what I had to. I think I'm never ready to be hurt again. I think I never want to be put into such trouble.

Thus, my only option is, to be in what this society can never define clearly: OPEN RELATIONSHIP.

I like the guy, I want to be with him, but this distance hinders me to be fully committed to that person. :)


Got a job now.

Oh yes, finally after a month of uncertainty and dauntless job hunting. I end up in a job way too far from my profession.

I like it. Being called a "researcher" may not come as hardcore as it sounds. But don't take me wrong, my job isn't THAT easy.. hehe! I sit in front of the computer the whole day, browse the net, send reports and done. Oh, A LOT of reading is needed by the way, with a doze of patience and computer skills, and you're good to go.

Got here my employee ID.. I find the IRONY of this picture so funny. Why Ironic? well, as shown, I am a full pledged nurse fyi. :)) yep, working as a researcher in NSG Middle East.

NSG - the acronym for NURSING. hahahaha! see? mocking me much?

Well anyway, no harm done here. I don't find anything wrong working as a researcher, I'm happy as I am right now, I see to it that I do my job well, and who knows, maybe in the near future.. I'll be wearing that white nursing cap again..... who knows?

You love me.. I love you..... What now?

Falling in love in high school was such a big deal back then, I thought it was the real thing.

Then, I find myself laughing now, because the past years... I fell in and out of love and all ended up the same. "Nahulog lang din ang lahat sa tae." The learnings and experiences were all worth it though.

Well, I know people tell me I'm too young to think about finding that one greatest love. I'm 21. Then again, I'm thinking otherwise. I. need. to. find. my. one. great. love. now. Why? Here's why....

Marrying age.

What is really the ideal marrying age? Women nowadays tend to marry as soon as they kicked off with their careers. Gone were the days of "men dependence". So, by the time their 30, most are not even inside wedlock. What's worse, or perhaps, whats practical now is not getting into a matrimony at all. Cohabitation. To steer away all the trouble of divorce and conjugation.

Cohabitation may seem to be a good option for me. Then again, morality comes in.. hahahaha!

Anyway, I wouldn't want to marry at the age of 30. That would be too late for me I think. I would like to have a child earlier, 27-29 perhaps. So, I can "grow up' up with my kid.


Okay. Here's the deal. There are couples who are together for months, then exchange vows. Some, stay like 10 or more years before they even plan on getting married.

As for me, I'd like to have a LLLOOONNNGG engagement. I think that would be the best way to avoid all the shit that comes after marriage. When you know each other long enough, marriage will only be like taking that higher notch. It won't be a whole new different chapter of your life. So, yes, I say, I should be engaged to my partner at least 6-8 years before tying the knot.


Now, back to my age, I'm what? 21. And if I'd want to marry by the age of 28 the most, and would want a long engagement, I need to find my partner. NOW. PRONTO.

Tricky part

Here comes the tricky part. Dubai, UAE is miles away from my homeland. Would you think I'll find my would-be lifetime partner here? I wouldn't want to say anything done, but, I really can't find that notion to meet someone here in this foreign land. Reasons?

One. I don't like foreigners.
Two. There's not much a choice. Filipinos here are either married, engaged, womanizer or gay. So, no thanks.  (I'm stereotyping, whatever.)
Three. This may be an open country but, PDA and all those jizz are surely a taboo here. So, yes. I respect policies.
Four. Gensan is where my heart is. I think.

Open Relationship

I say Gensan is where my heart is right? Yes. Indeed. Then again, would a Long distance relationship work for me? Is virtual communication enough to sustain a commitment?

Commitment. Such a strong word. Can I even commit despite the distance? Due to all these doubts and uncertainty.. The term.. OPEN RELATIONSHIP enters.

I dunno the grounds of the label completely, but, what I understand is, both are in love, but the commitment is not 100% and both lives separate lives.. Simply put, you love each other, and come what may. No obligations, no commitments, no pressure.

Sounds easy? Sounds great? I dunno yet. I think this is the best there is for me. Given the inevitable situation of being miles apart. A commitment may seem to be too much to bear. So, let things go with the flow then, right?

You love me... I love you.... the rest would be for us to see... :)



A melting pot of nationalities in the Middle East.  Who would've thought I'd end up here. Well, actually, this may only be a pit stop of my vast future ahead. But, yes, I'm currently living in this open city of the UAE.

Job Hunt Over

After all those series marathon and "productive" time I spent with my puppy and the walking under scorching heat of the sun, I finally landed on a job.  It was sad though 'coz interviews are a lot better.  Hahaha. Let me bullet first the jobs I had after I graduate.

I graduated March 2010.

April-July : Board Exam Review
August-September : Call center training in Davao. I had to go home though, just because.
September-November : Job hunt period. Actually, I only spent 2 weeks really job hunting. The rest of those days I spent being the best BUM in town. hahahaha!
And then, interviews came. It was fun! All the institutions I passed my resume to, I was called, and accepted. The choice is mine.....
Mid November I started on the job I opted.  - Customer Care Representative of a Health Insurance Company.
at the same time, I also worked part time as an Online English Tutor.

Salary. 8-5 job, 7-11 part time. Gimmicks and fun in between. Life was cool then. I had my car, my puppy and my money.

And then, I had to leave it all. Because of Dubai.

*Older sister works as a nurse in Dubai and wants me to go with her.

April- Sister's homecoming! Vacation grande. I left all my jobs by the way.

May- As I was a Bum again, I had to find ways how to earn. Because all resources are on my favor, I found so many possibilities, with just the use of my keyboard and a fast internet connection. This time, it was a lot of fun, as I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want.

June - Then, my life came to a hairpin swerve as I found myself on a flight to Dubai.

I'm here now. I spent one month job hunting, it was so tiring... then, I had interviews. Then, I got accepted to this one job I like. Sadly though, it didn't work out that well. But, God made a way for me not to fret. I was then accepted to my present job which I hope will work out eventually.

So, yes. I'm here in Dubai. Dubai has been very friendly.. so far..


In between job hunting and having fun... I spend most of my days with these series...
Yes, I'm a Gleek.. Well, the reason why I started downloading this series through utorrent, from isohunt is that, I found out that Charice was on it. So, my interest boosted in within Season 2. And because, I have the OC nature of watching series from the very beginning, I got hooked.

The story is in between maturity and being a kid, so, I can relate much. Also, it is a way to fill in the feeling of "schoolsickness". Once you graduate, you tend to miss going to school.

I'm am also fond of this...
This one was really nice. I said "was" because it kinda ended... or not. Anyway, it was very short and every episode made me sit at the edge of my seat. The story was just perfect, the actors were really fitted for the character. Not only that, the story is about a group of girls which are really into fashion (which I like), and they keep secrets. Me and my friends even personified the characters and played dress up once in a while. 

I know, its immature, but, its one way of keeping in touch with the kid in you. After graduation, you are expected to act all adult-like, and its fun that once in a while you dwell with the kid in yourself. Pretty Little Liars fashion gets you on with that, without acting really stupid. Its fun!

I am saving up to buy the whole book series of this, but that I will do as soon as I get a job. Anyway, this series is a must see. 

Also, I got hooked to this one:

I know, I know... its mainstream.. Ever since Twilight was a hit, vampire stories kept sprouting like mushrooms. Well, this one got me interested. What attracted me most is that, the actors are hot. :D

Then again, as I started watching the series, the story line is really nice. It is common, but there is something in it that makes me want to wait for the next episode.

I guess it's because, it got the element of family and love all together in the series without making it very common. Its nice in general and I really like it.

It makes me feel the love, conflicts, and life-worth decisions that an adult has to make after graduation.

Time is what you abundantly have after you graduate. With the employment crisis going on in the country, landing on that perfect job may take you months, or years even. Anyway, on those leisure times, spend it contemplating in front of TV series that you could relate your life into. You'll never know, you will find your calling through these...